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Most Personal and Business Success Strategies Fail for One Simple Reason: One Part of You Wants to Succeed, While Another Part of You Canít, Wonít or Doesnít...
So... Guess Which Part Wins!?!

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Dear Friend,

My name is Wendy Yellen, and I have a confession (from my deepest heart and soul) to make to you...

In over 30 years of searching, study, and practice as a highly respected, international life coach and therapist, I’ve never found a life-changing tool that even comes close to what you’ll discover here.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t need years of painful introspection and therapy to live a life of fully realized potential? Do you understand the difference it would make if you never had to struggle to accomplish your goals? If you never again had to work against yourself? You can unleash your power … you can live, work and play with ease, clarity, fun, freedom, vision and exuberance — but without the part of you that almost always gets in the way.

But, I’ve Done SO Much “Work” Already,
Is There Really More Out There For Me?

Even if you’ve done a lot of personal growth work or leadership skills training, you’ll be astonished at how naturally and automatically you can sail through obstacles that hold you back from even more success in your business and personal life.

With the tools in these pages, you can quickly and easily access more of your own innate confidence and use the abilities you were born with. You can stop keeping one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake! With this simple, breakthrough method, you can instantly turn what once seemed difficult — or even impossible — into something easy, effortless, and even fun!

I wouldn’t have believed it myself, until, as a Life Coach using this tool, I saw the evidence on a daily basis, in my clients, and even in myself!

Your Major Breakthrough & ConsMapping_dark.jpg 372x71 for Business Success, Self-Confidence, Personal Growth and Improved Health and Well Being

Is there something holding you back from being more successful … making more money … enjoying more confidence … having more passion and fun? This cutting edge approach, called Eidetic Imagery Therapy, delivers your Unique ConsMapping_dark-small.jpg 94x18, including strategies for instantly harnessing your unique inner resources for greater success, growth, and personal development.

With an Eidetic Life Coach, you're going to take every aspect of what is holding you down, holding you back, standing in your way, creating fear, indecision, insecurity, anxiety, financial difficulties, illness, weight gain, addictions, depression, turmoil, trauma (physical and emotional) — and break through it!

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Sound Too Easy, Too Good To Be True?

You may be saying to yourself: Oh, every life coach and all these personal growth systems make the same claims — it couldn’t be that easy and effective. And you know what? I’d be the first to agree with you.

BUT, after hearing from client after client that they’ve never experienced anything like this, they have convinced me! Even my clients who’ve been on the path of personal development for years say that they finally found the Holy Grail. Clients tell me how their lives are easier, their relationships more loving, their financial abundance growing, their creativity soaring, and more.

clip_image004.jpg 93x111†"I felt very worried and afraid about some work issues that I had. †I've really been pushed out of my comfort zone this year and sometimes the ride has not been so smooth.† And I got in front of Wendy Yellen over the phone, actually.† I was particularly impressed with that.† It was really one of the deeper, more profound processes I've been involved in.† It was excellent.† And I am continuing even a month and a half later to feel the ripple effect of that good work in my life because that particular issue is not bothering me anymore."

Suzanne Falter-Barns

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A Little of My Own Story: How One Eidetic Life Coach Discovered the
Mother Lode of Personal Growth Tools

I was a life coach and therapist who had tasted success fairly easily. But when I reached for a much higher level of success, I found I was creating a life I wasn’t enjoying. My days suddenly felt full of struggle and not much fun. I knew the “right” things to do, I knew how to think my way through it, I knew the best way to go about it, I had the training, and yet … I felt stymied. I couldn’t figure out why I was still playing small.

Why? I absolutely knew I had a more successful and radiant woman within me. I wondered, “Why am I encountering so many obstacles within myself? Why do I keep getting in my own way?”

Perhaps like you, too (?), I’d done enormous amounts of “work” on myself and seen many shifts. But I felt like I kept bumping into an invisible barrier within myself.

And I felt this despite the fact that I was a well-respected psychotherapist and life coach in Houston, TX, with a wonderful and successful word-of-mouth private practice for over 20 years. I never had to market myself, always had a waiting list, I was saving big money and enjoying several 6-week exotic vacations every year!

I knew from my own personal and professional experience that there was great value in psychotherapy, but it had taken me, and my clients, as far as it could.

I Decided To Leap Without a Safety Net!

I quit. I refused to work as a therapist or life coach for a number of years. During that time, I lived in a tiny mountain village in Japan for 5 years … owned and edited a national niche newspaper … headed up marketing for a multi-million dollar company. But I refused to go back to what I knew was my calling until and unless I found the mother lode of results-oriented therapeutic techniques.

My friends shook their heads. They couldn’t believe that I wasn’t pursuing my work of helping people realize their dreams, because they knew I had been successful. And more than that, they knew that what gets me up in the morning is a world where you—and I—get to live out the life we were meant to live.

Even my hairdresser, who must’ve had a sense of me as I sat in her chair, begged me to get back to what I obviously have deep in my bones—my desire to make a difference, and to once again be a life coach to help people get out of their own way. Stubbornly, for years, despite the pressure, nothing could drag me back … unless I knew I could make an even bigger difference.

Like Therapy on Steroids

Actually, though, it wasn’t really stubbornness. I was looking for something beyond therapy. And I finally found it! This method produces the most consistently amazing results I’ve seen in more than 30 years of working with people and their unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

You may not have heard about it until now, but I know that you will thank me later for introducing you to this tool. Though Eidetic Imagery or an Eidetic Life Coach may be new to you, top athletic coaches, artists and writers, former Olympic gymnasts, highly placed political leaders, United Nations diplomats, Joseph Campbell, and a former US Secretary of the Treasury all have used this technology to improve their performance, enhance their confidence, access more ease, improve their leadership skills, and more.

Eidetic Imagery was developed and rigorously tested around the world at prominent universities and research settings by Akhter Ahsen, Ph.D. For almost 50 years, his work has been recognized for its ability to break through blockages toward the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being that is our birthright! He has authored over 30 books, published in several languages, and established numerous life coach training institutes in the US, Canada, and Europe.

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The Best Part Is: It's Fast and Easy!

My clients are continuously astounded by the results they experience with an Eidetic Life Coach. They tell me that the part they like best is how effortless it is! The wonder of Eidetics is that the breakthroughs you make almost don’t feel like change at all.

Imagine slipping into your most comfortable pair of shoes—ahhhh —your toes can breathe, your feet feel great, and you feel right at home. You don’t have to break them in—they already fit you perfectly. That’s your experience when you regain your natural power, joy, confidence and inner strength. It’s like coming home!

In fact, on a regular basis, my clients “forget” to mention major shifts that take place—because already, within the space of hours or days, they are accustomed to their new way of being—because it isn’t “new”—it’s who they were all along!

How Would You Like To Suddenly
Find Yourself Experiencing Joy...
For No Apparent Reason At All!?

Here are just some of the results my life coach clients have told me about. Confidence and charisma skyrocket, procrastinators stop putting things off, habitually late people start (effortlessly, of course!) getting places on time—and their friends’ jaws drop open!

Spouses and partners spontaneously notice the little things—how you are calmer, less stressed, more affectionate, more open, easier to be with.

Old kinks and body tensions unwind and loosen, weight drops off, brilliant new ideas come to you full fledged seemingly out of the blue, taxes get done without panic attacks, exercise happens without the compulsivity, more perfect clients start walking through the door, attitudes change toward money—the list goes on.

clip_image014.jpg 113x141Now here is the part I never expected. Instead of feeling stress, I now feel completely calm in almost any situation! Whether it’s with work, my kids, my family, any situation that pushes me to that edge of stress, I take just 30-60 seconds to use the tools from our consultation, and the whole situation turns around. No more panic of any kind! In fact, I usually have a big smile on my face instead —and it’s completely real.

This work has made such a difference in my life. I feel SO much calmer. No more sweaty palms, ever – that was one of the first signs that I always used to feel.

My suggestion to people considering using an eidetic life coach? Get away from thinking you know what to expect. Be honest and walk through the experience. Eidetics is great for helping you get out of your own way. There is no way that this work can’t improve your life!

Tim Austin, President, NACFA
(a multi-million dollar financial services company)

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Get A Taste of What An Eidetic Life Coach Can Do For You!

Since the best way to understand what Eidetics can do for you, personally, is to experience it, Iíve developed a FREE Eidetic Imagery Video Tip Ezine to give you a little taste of this work.

Youíll receive weekly tools you can use immediately, along with video and written instructions on how to make them work like crazy for you! You can expect improved self-confidence, less anxiety, skyrocketing creativity, more power, finer-tuned leadership skills emerging, smoother relationships, and a sense of greater ease in your life.

Join the ranks of other Tsunami Makers™, people who want to make an even Bigger Difference! Winning athletic coaches, diplomats, artists, and top-performing business people and entrepreneurs all supercharge their successes with Eidetics. Register today to start receiving your FREE weekly Eidetic Imagery Video Tips Ezine, "How to Activate Your Tsunami Maker™ Cells". Itís my gift to you.

Click here to start receiving your FREE Eidetic Video Tip Ezine today. And, with all my heart, I believe that if you try these simple eidetic images and processes, your only regret will be that you didnít discover this long ago.


Life Coach Wendy Yellen

Wendy Yellen
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