Tribute To Akhter Ahsen, PhD

In late December 2018, Dr Akhter Ahsen, the father of Eidetic Imagery, left his physical body and went home.

To honor him, rather than citing his many accolades which you can find elsewhere, I’m including some of my personal recollections of him and the impact he made on me and on the world. It’s my small tribute to the giant he was, and continues to be for so many.

I remember with gratitude a Sunday decades ago when I was bleeding (between menstrual cycles) for no reason, and bent over in pain. I called him – on the weekend – and he worked with me eidetically for the entire day. We’d work together, he’d give me some images to do, we’d hang up. I did images while in my bed, falling in and out of an exhausted, pained sleep, then dragged myself back to the phone and called him again. Over and over and over.

I was SO incredibly stuck in my resistance to myself. And it was so painfully obvious, which is what happens when you are deep in your Eidetic images. You see the way you resist what you most want – to feel better. I was in agony for hours. He stayed with me. Hour by hour, all through this horrible Sunday. And by the end of the day, the bleeding had stopped, the pain was gone, and it never, ever, came back.

I remember the feeling of him being with me, for that long day, even when we weren’t on the phone, and how I felt in such good hands, that I knew we’d find a way around my own worst self. I trusted him.

Akhter Ahsen, PhD and Wendy Yellen, circa 2005

I remember the first time we met in person, for my first Private day-long Intensive in NYC area. I was sleeping at a friend’s house, who was also an Eidetic practitioner, and on my bedroom wall hung a photo of Akhter as a young man from the cover of his book ManhuntPiercing eyes, terrifying eyes. I could hardly sleep. What had I done, volunteering to spend a day with this man with those eyes?

I remember once he confronted me about staying in my head and analyzing things from my head, rather than go into my healing Eidetic images. I’d been using my mind to fight against where my larger consciousness wanted and needed to go. He made me face what I was doing, in a kind, strong yet also visionary way. He knew what I was capable of and he told me he wasn’t willing to work with me if I didn’t give up some of my resistance to myself. It worked. He got through the thickest part of my resistance and allowed me to come from more of my willingness instead. It was a feat of love, perseverance, and wisdom on his part.

On a planetary level, his work is much less known than it deserves. We NEED his vision and understanding of our psyche. Recently a client reported to me what advice others are giving her. It all made sense. Let go of your worries before you go to bed, push them away. It all made sense but she couldn’t do it.

What I love about Eidetics and what I understand now about the mind is there ARE ways to let go of worries before bed, but advice normally doesn’t work. Dr. Ahsen taught me how to work with our minds to be able to do the things that wise advice tells us to do, if we only knew how.

We are desperately in need of what Dr. Ahsen knew and what he gave us in this gift from the gods, Eidetics. If you’ve ever felt trampled by someone else’s well-meant analysis of who you are and what you need, you know that the intellect can be cruel.

Most processes try to help you get to your heart through your head. Because that’s the only way they understand. What Akhter taught me is there is another way through; it’s a way that means something, that matters, that feels enormous and loving and expansive and kind.

Shiva, painted by Dr Ahsen

What he understood and taught and wrote about in dozens of books is something that this planet and our divided world desperately need. He understood and wrote about neuroplasticity before the concept was well understood or accepted, back in 1978. Every time one of my private clients or Mastermind clients has a massive breakthrough that spans the scope of their whole life, backwards, forwards, including their present, I say a silent thank you to Akhter for helping make a real difference in so many lives.

Akhter, Dr. Ahsen, my friend, mentor, and difference maker in my life and the lives of all I come into contact with…..thank you. “Only the fiery ones can see what is written on fire, others seeing nothing but fear.”

You were going onward and outward,

In the blaze of the Desert,

To envelop what needed you;

To make things ablaze and come alive,

And not fade away.

Events wanted to burn you

And you wanted to burn the events,

To reveal what is written in them.

Only the fiery ones can see,

What is written on fire,

Others see nothing but fear.

From Manhunt, by Dr Akhter Ahsen, an epic poem, 1979


Wendy Yellen

The Transformation Acceleration Expert