I Forgot Why I Was Here…Again!

The other day, after doing some of my daily eidetic images for a few minutes, I was shocked to realize I had forgotten why I’m here!



I had fallen under the illusions of so many spells that I forgot what was real. 


For all-too-long, I had been believing and acting as if I’m here to have/do/be/create:

  • a successful business
  • make a difference
  • love my husband
  • have a clutter-free home
  • and on and on…

Then I remembered… ALL of that is important to me, especially the first three☺! But NONE of that is why I am really here.

I’m here to love. I’m here to Be Love. I’m here to remember the truth of what IS real. For sure I will forget often, and re-remember as best I can.

But it was a shock to realize I had so completely forgotten….again.

Why are YOU here? And what do you do when you forget….again?


“That which flares up inside you is not madness but the flame of life itself. You must fulfill it and live for it til you are free.”

– Akhter Ahsen, PhD, father of Eidetic Imagery


Wendy Yellen

The Transformation Acceleration Expert

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