shouldn’t we just get over it?

Recently someone said to me, “Why don’t people just get over their childhood and move on?”

I was troubled by this question, and the assumptions behind it.

First, I do know that a lot of people think that the past is the past, just forgive, try to forget and move on; after all… you are an adult now. I do understand the thinking behind this – for example, don’t drag your childhood problems with you as an adult, etc. This does make sense on that level.

BUT! What I see in my Eidetic Practice every day is that it is NOT about dragging the past with us. It’s not just about having difficult memories and letting them affect our present day experiences. It’s not just about “growing up”.

What happens to us as humans is that we take in deep, hard to identify, aspects of our parents and then we act just like them – even though it goes against everything we say we want!!!!!

For example: a parent never feels good enough, and presses themselves mercilessly to be perfect. No matter how much we “know” that’s not a good thing to do to ourselves, we can’t seem to stop it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s not about our anger at that parent, or our need to distance ourselves from that behavior in them. It’s about the way we keep being exactly like them – without even realizing we are doing it!

It’s the places we are insistently blind to… in ourselves… which are the places that truly bind us. It’s not so much our history, it’s more who we are being now which repeats our history – even though we want to stop!

For me, this is the deeper question, the deeper exploration, and the deeper place where there are openings, release and new life.

Hint: Often others see these places in us WAY before we do. Anything ring a bell for you personally here? I’d love to know!


Wendy Yellen

The Transformation Acceleration Expert