how we interfere with our own success…

How do entrepreneurs and business owners increase their income without it costing them an arm, a leg and their soul? And how does Eidetics make it MUCH easier and even natural for them?

In the next many months I’m going to answer questions like these to help you understand how you may actually know what you need to do for your business, but you keep not doing it! Or, you might not be doing it enough, or you might be doing it with too much inner tension and stress. So it’s just not fun or rewarding. And this is sad – and maddening – because you feel called to what you do!

Let’s start with time. Most people feel like they don’t have enough of it. You may very well feel like you are working as hard – and as fast – as you can. When we do that, we are working from fear or hurry or pressure from so many deadlines, the inner tension in our body, the tight shoulders, the rapid heartbeat, the tight gut all create a feeling that we have to move even faster.

This becomes an endless cycle and overloads your body and mind til you want to run away screaming or take someone’s head off!

So why then do my clients feel like they “create more time” when we all have the same amount?


Part of what stresses us about time is we feel an inner pressure to get a lot done and to do it near-perfectly. When your plate is really full, and you are working on an important project, often your mind is irritated and worried and runs “hot and bothered” like a train wreck about to happen – speeding forward feeling like you are barely in control.

The next 37 items on your to-do list all pop up in your mind, competing for your attention now like baby birds cheeping to be fed. Your mind lurches along, feeling massively over-involved and even overwhelmed with all the problems you needed to solve yesterday, and on and on.

All of which means you have inner pressure, inner distraction, and a hurried and harried feeling – PLUS fear and pressure from wanting/needing to create more business.

Of course, none of this is ideal for creating a life and business you love. How could you possibly be creative with so much heat and pressure? The mind just doesn’t work at its best under these conditions.

When you are so distracted and pressured, everything takes more time, not less. And it’s usually not your best work, either. How could it be?

Yet, pressure is inside you, these demands on you do exist. So how can you work at your highest level – without driving yourself into the ground?

Here’s how “Marianne” used the tool of Eidetics to stop working 24/7, stop micro-managing her team, hire people who were actually able to do their jobs, finally take time for travel and vacations, all while doubling and tripling her income and taking more time for precious self-care and to be with her friends. And why people who hadn’t seen her in years said she looked younger!

“Marianne” and I started with a detailed look at what she wanted, and what she was – and wasn’t – currently doing. Having been highly successful in other businesses, Marianne really did know what she needed to be doing. People often do know or sense what is needed. But over and over and over, like so many people, she wasn’t doing it. And finances were pinching her head in a vise. It was terrifying.

Then we did a Consciousness Mapping, which is a one to three hour unique series of Eidetic images which pinpoint the stuck places in her deep consciousness and, very importantly, reveal where her resources are. These are resources which were hidden, seemingly inaccessible, but actually still there. Consciousness Mapping reveals exactly how to RELEASE the mind so you can access those hidden but vitally needed and wanted resources.

Within these Mapping images, the mind reveals itself. NOT the overly rational, suffocating stranglehold of the conscious mind, but the beauty, the power, the sensuousness, the confidence, the Self revealed without the crushing crust of history disguising it.

Then we dig in. From Marianne’s Mapping, I delved into which Core Eidetic Images are the best for her, to receive what she wants in her life, now. These Core Images form the basis of our work together. Because this is not a one-size fits all approach, Marianne’s Unique Core Images are specific to her and designed to create the fastest movement NOW in the specific area she wants – success in her business. And…more time!

In the deep process of Eidetics, we address many areas, including these two primary places where we (inadvertently) trip ourselves up:

     1. How you may be avoiding and running away from the very internal resources you need which are already available to you. Strange but true! We all do this.
     2. How you may be practicing the very habits that create obstacles to success. 

For Marianne, she was pounding herself into the ground with work, taking no time off, not taking care of herself, and drowning in fear about money.

Based on her Consciousness Mapping and Unique Core Images, we dug deep into her consciousness to dissolve the barriers of history, the crust over her true and original potentials. We brought her potentials, her deeper knowing, forward. Not through wishing or fantasy or trying to make herself act a certain way. But through consistent exposure to her own deeper self, so that her True Nature began to emerge – organically, naturally, and in a way that surprised and pleased her.

And with the newfound ease within herself, Marianne found that the tasks that used to overtake her, the tasks which loomed large, eased so that the inner pressure wasn’t there, the fear, the dread, the concern that it would go “wrong”.

And when that happened? She experienced more time. More expansive time inside herself, and within the business tasks that she was doing. Because as we get out of our own way – naturally –  there is much less to “get through” and the task is clear and perceived and we can tackle it with much more ease.

With that expanded sense of time, and much less inner pressure and distraction, she doubled and tripled her business, changed her marketing focus, opened up to ideas which moved her business forward instead of being resistant to them, opened her eyes to what her employees were and weren’t doing, began reaching out consistently to new HUGE prospects – and yes, even enjoying it! All of which is why, years later, she actually looked younger.

To experience your own inner territory, your own Consciousness Mapping and Unique Core Images, click here.


Wendy Yellen

The Transformation Acceleration Expert