Why your negative emotions are the key to higher wisdom (and expansion!)

“When the affliction of negative emotions is blazing like fire, then wisdom is also blazing like fire.”*

With every person I work with, when they are suffering from judgment and fear and aggravation and despairing thoughts blazing like fire inside them, at the very same time, within their Eidetic process, their own deeper wisdom blazes like fire.

Wisdom, and knowing what to do, emerges with self-knowing, clarity, and self-honesty. This clarity is not obscured by what you think you should do, or who you think you should be, or how you think the world should act.

Burning fire

Eidetic images show you who you are, how you really act, and how you actually show up. They are naked truth. It can be devastating to know the truth about how you are acting and how you are getting in your own way. But if you want that Truth…then devastating opens the door. At least it did for me.

Once years ago I saw myself with my husband in an Eidetic image and was horrified at the affect I was having on him. I couldn’t deny what I saw. It went straight in. Truth.

Painful relationships, distraction, judgment of self and others, self-imposed hell, stopping ourselves from what we want – these blaze like fire. Our wisdom, and our potentials, blaze right beneath them.

That wisdom, those potentials, that’s exactly where an Eidetic image will take you. IF you have the courage to look. IF you have the courage to feel. But more than courage, are you willing to add to the fire so your wisdom can burn through?

If you are ready for that wisdom to blaze within you, go here, watch this video, and let’s talk about how to get that fire burning.