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Dissolve Your Obstacles To Money And Success

 Virtual course for DIY-ers! Receive e-mails 2x/month and resources for an ENTIRE YEAR that will lead you step-by-step as you use the power of Eidetics to release your full potential.

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Rewire Yourself For Success Home Study Course

Deepen and enhance your Dissolve Your Obstacles To Money & Success program with this in-depth, far-ranging, intensively experiential Personal Transformation Course.

Cost: $997.00

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You’re ready to drop the struggle, drop the exhaustion, and experience a clear and easier path to the money and success you so badly desire and deserve. The Dissolve Your Obstacles to Money and Success Virtual Program can take you there IF and WHEN you are willing to engage in the process!

Sound too good to be true? It does to most of my clients, until…

  • Instead of a merry-go-round of constant buzz in the mind, the mind begins to quiet

  • Aggravating distractions stop being so….aggravating!

  • Their ability to see what their business really needs becomes crystal clear – and then they actually do what needs to be done instead of just worrying about it!

  • They stop living in a desperate, hot overwhelm of crisis mode

  • Their income starts to naturally increase in new ways, with less effort (because they aren’t standing squarely in their own way!!!)

  • They now actually enjoy their business and work -because they are doing it from a different place and a different internal compass

“Something inside me was awoken during our work together and it made my motivation stronger than my fears and I have Wendy Yellen to thank for that.”
Within a week after experiencing the transformational power of Eidetics through Wendy Yellen, Running with Heels founder Jenny Powers applied for and was accepted to present a TEDX talk, something which had been on her bucket list for years.”

Jenny PowersCreator, Running with Heels, Manhattan Networking for Women

“I love the clarity and ease of the work, I am in love with it, I am so relieved to have found this work.

Since starting the Dissolve Program 2 weeks ago, I “magically” came up with a way to up level my pricing that I am comfortable with. This is astonishing as I have spent my whole adult life NOT doing that!!!

Previous anxiety about booking space for workshops etc. seems to have vanished and I can’t remember why it was so hard!”

Elizabeth AdamsSmall Business Owner

“I found the Eidetic Home Study Course very practical. I got it and worked on it for a few weeks before we started to do the private coaching, and it was really simple for me to follow, which I like. The directions were very clear and I put it to work right away on things like procrastination on tidying up. It started to have an impact quickly in my business. One of the biggest breakthroughs for me has been feeling my feelings more intensely. I noticed now that, especially the unpleasant ones that I used to block really well, I’ll let myself experience them now and be okay with them.”

Rosemary Heenan

“The freedom and joyousness I feel is palpable. I feel like the walls that were around my heart just popped and melted. I feel true, unconditional love. I feel energized like I am having a great time. I feel peaceful and aligned like this is how I really am. I feel like I am exploring with curiosity rather than tightness. There is no charge one way or the other on being able to ask; I don’t take it personally. ”

Terry Armstrong
  • How is any of this possible from a virtual course?

    Here’s the messy truth:

    There’s only one thing standing in the way between you and the money and success you desire: YOU. And the way out is so much smoother and easier than you think.

    Eidetics starts right where you are, today, targets what you’re doing AGAINST yourself, and starts to dissolve your resistance to money and success.

    You can start this change TODAY, and receive TWO BONUS GIFTS when you do!

  • What is Eidetics?

    Eidetics is an evidence based, practical and deep method developed by psychologist Dr. Akhter Ahsen, based on the ancient Greek understanding of the mind and 21st century knowledge of psychology and neurophysiology.

    Dr. Ahsen’s contributions have been recognized for decades by prominent psychologists and thought leaders such as Joseph Campbell, Karl Pribram PhD, Ernest Hilgard, PhD, Theodore Barber PhD, Albert Bandura PhD, Aaron Beck, PhD and other leading psychologists of the late 20th century.

    Wendy Yellen is one of the very few Certified Eidetic Practitioners around the world who were directly taught and mentored for years by Dr. Ahsen. She has been named for almost a decade as one of the Top 3 International Transformational Practitioners in her field. Her deep inner work with thousands of clients spans more than 40 years.

  • Free Your Potential

    With the Dissolve Your Obstacles to Money and Success program, all of your potential is organically freed – for your lifetime! You start naturally operating from your gifts rather than your history. Suddenly your confidence is naturally higher, suddenly your stomach churning angers and resentments last minutes instead of weeks, months or even years!

    Distractions derail you less and you feel on track much more of the time. Your solutions come easier, with less effort. You are able to focus on your work or your business, and grow it organically from who you are, without the striving and the pushing that exhausts you now.

    If achieving money and success sounds like something you’ve been looking for, join the Dissolve Your Obstacles to Money & Success Virtual Program. We guarantee the results!*