Dissolve Your Obstacles To Money & Success

Image #19: Filters

Welcome to your Image #19 Support Material. Below, you will find processes and tools to help you unravel — once and for all — the ties that bind you. In each teleclass recording and written notes you receive, we’ll go into those obstacles between you and success, we’ll go in there together, and I’ll show you multiple ways to access more of yourself.

A Note From Wendy

Be sure to make it a priority to listen and follow along with the images. Why? Because the shifts you begin to have…

  1. Build on each other immediately
  2. Open you up in ways you didn’t even realize you were stuck or closed
  3. You don’t have to keep doing the same images for a lifetime — you can actually get through something and move on — how wonderful is that!

The image for this week, when gone into deeply, will help you change forever the success of your money making, saving and spending strategies. And it’s about so much more than money. As you hear in class, these places that are so difficult for you with money actually reverberate in BIG ways in SO many other parts of your life. You get to experience this week how deep inner tension gets released — and that’s not anything you’d imagine would happen with these images. But it does — all the time.

The series you’re doing now, for the next several months, is particularly powerful to release the ways you stop success from coming in.

Enjoy the image! Do it many times for the biggest breakthroughs.

Step 1: Listen To Your Audio Recording

On these tele-class recordings I work with participants live to help ease the stress, release frustrations and open up your potentials. You’ll receive the same highly leveraged processes that my Private Mentor Clients receive, but in a class recording. Because of the unique Eidetic Process called Co-Consciousness, when I work with one participant live, everyone benefits. It’s wildly powerful — and I can’t wait for you to experience this for yourself!

Image #19: Filters
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Here are the same Image Instructions in written form, for your convenience:

First, you want to focus on strengthening your baseline image, and then work on adding to it!

Select a situation where you are having difficulty.

Put your father in mind and watch the image. Do not put him IN the image, just in your mind. See the image. How are you handling the situation? How do you feel?

Let that go, now put your mother in your mind. See yourself handling that same situation. How do you handle it and how do you feel?

Let that go. Put your Tiger in the situation (this time you can see him there in the situation). How do you handle it and how do you feel?

Let that go. I want to introduce you to Ganesh, who is a powerful part of Hindu mythology. See this as I describe him: He has the head of an elephant and the body of a young boy. He has a bit of a pot belly …..why? Because he loves Indian sweets! He is also the protector of children and the remover of obstacles. Now put Ganesh in the situation. How do you handle it and how do you feel?

Let that go. Put someone else in your mind — like a grandparent, a figure you admire (alive, dead, mythological, religious, you choose). How do you handle the situation now? How do you feel? 

Hint: Filters work differently for different situations. One parent might be great for helping you get beyond procrastination but that same parent might make you feel more stressed when dealing with a loved one. These are situation specific.

What or who is best for you for this situation? And what did you learn about some of your default modes of operation?

How to use this filter for this situation: Once you found a positive filter for this situation, spend some time seeing yourself dealing with this situation with this person in mind. Let yourself really connect to who you are being and how you are feeling. You can also put them in mind when you actually are in the situation.

Step 2: Supercharge Your Eidetic Work

  1. Spend 10 minutes or so a day using the specific instructions and watch your image – what do you see and feel? Even 90 seconds at a time can be powerful!
  2. Read and re-read the Mini-Manual so you will understand how to work with eidetic images (and with your conscious mind’s interference!)
  3. Listen to the recordings of the classes at least once a week and follow along. We are working with how your mind interferes with what you want, and by really being with the recordings, by pressing play and responding as if you are actually on the call with us, you’ll get more and more of the “how to”, which will help you so much.