Dissolve Your Obstacles To Money & Success

Image #2 : Baseline Image and Running for Purpose of Making Money

Welcome to your Image #2 Support Material. Below, you will find processes and tools to help you unravel — once and for all — the ties that bind you. In each teleclass recording and written notes you receive, we’ll go into those obstacles between you and success, we’ll go in there together, and I’ll show you multiple ways to access more of yourself.

A Note From Wendy

These running images are SO foundational for the work ahead, that I wanted you to get a FIRM base in Eidetics before we proceed. These recordings will walk you through ways to deepen your images and ways to avoid pitfalls. Pay close attention to how I work with all kinds of different people and different situations, and see and feel your own images with us! My Private and Mastermind clients often work with the same image many times over time, because it’s so obvious to them how much they receive from doing that. In future images, we’ll add many more images, but I really want you to get grounded a bit more in this aspect of your mind, first.

When you experience stress and a feeling of being “dried up” or overwhelmed in your business (or life!) it’s a sure sign that you aren’t using “all of you”. In other words, you’ve shifted out of ease and into stress, strain, worry, over-focus and more. Doesn’t feel very good, does it?

Notice what happens when you compare the baseline image (below) and running for the purpose of making money. What happens to you? What feelings do you have? You are seeing what shifts inside you when money or success is introduced. You are seeing what happens when you shift from your natural energy and movement and instead when you introduce these other concerns of money and success.

We’ll be working more with this image to help you shift OUT of what you are seeing (the contrast between these two images). These two images show you powerfully what is running the show inside you, and also show you some of your default modes of operation. This Program is constructed to help shift you OUT of your default mode and INTO the resources that feel hidden away right now.

In our next class you receive two foundational images that can make all the difference. You’ll open to the experience of shifting you away from feeling burnt out and dried up because of the stressful way you are going towards success.

Step 1: Listen To Your Audio Recording

On these tele-class recordings I work with participants live to help ease the stress, release frustrations and open up your potentials. You’ll receive the same highly leveraged processes that my Private Mentor Clients receive, but in a class recording. Because of the unique Eidetic Process called Co-Consciousness, when I work with one participant live, everyone benefits. It’s wildly powerful — and I can’t wait for you to experience this for yourself!

Image #2: Baseline Image/Running for Purpose of Making Money
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Here are the same Image Instructions in written form, for your convenience:

First, you want to focus on strengthening your access to your True Resources, simply by watching your images repeatedly and not controlling them. After that, each image or recording will add to that connection once you press play and participate as if you are there with us. And, through the beauty of co-consciousness and watching another’s image, you WILL experience Eidetics!

Baseline Image:

Not money related. It sets the stage for the images that follow.

See your parents running in an open countryside, from a time when you were growing up.

Are they both running? Who is running faster? How fast is each one running?

Why are they running? What is the purpose of their running?

What is the pattern of running? Are their limbs stiff or relaxed?

Look at each parent and see the differences.

So, speed, pattern and purpose are the first three elements.

Now look at their energy. Who shows more energy? The 4th element.

Who shows more interest? The 5th element.

Running With The Purpose of Making Money:

Now see that your parents are running in order to make money, from a time when you were growing up. That’s the purpose — that’s the goal. The previous instruction is gone.

Do both of them have the purpose, or one or the other? Are they together in the purpose?

What is the speed and pattern for each of them?

Compare the energy — who shows more energy?

Who shows more interest?

Do you like it?

For deepening:

How old are you at this time?

What was going on at that time?

Are they together? Why not?

© Akhter Ahsen, PhD. Please respect the integrity of his body of work and intellectual property.

Step 2: Supercharge Your Eidetic Work

  1. Spend 10 minutes or so a day using the specific instructions and watch your image – what do you see and feel? Even 90 seconds at a time can be powerful!
  2. Read and re-read the Mini-Manual so you will understand how to work with eidetic images (and with your conscious mind’s interference!)
  3. Listen to the recordings of the classes at least once a week and follow along. We are working with how your mind interferes with what you want, and by really being with the recordings, by pressing play and responding as if you are actually on the call with us, you’ll get more and more of the “how to”, which will help you so much.

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