Dissolve Your Obstacles To Money & Success

Image #6 : You & Your Partner

Welcome to your Image #6 Support Material. Below, you will find processes and tools to help you unravel — once and for all — the ties that bind you. In each teleclass recording and written notes you receive, we’ll go into those obstacles between you and success, we’ll go in there together, and I’ll show you multiple ways to access more of yourself.

A Note From Wendy

Another powerful class recording! This will help you step up and into your own truth so you can go beyond fear and history and walk through the door of your own future!

Next class hint: The focus of our next tele-class recording goes way beyond conventional wisdom, to a deep honesty about how we receive or push away support, even when we say we want it!  Can’t wait to see you there!

Step 1: Listen To Your Audio Recording

On these tele-class recordings I work with participants live to help ease the stress, release frustrations and open up your potentials. You’ll receive the same highly leveraged processes that my Private Mentor Clients receive, but in a class recording. Because of the unique Eidetic Process called Co-Consciousness, when I work with one participant live, everyone benefits. It’s wildly powerful — and I can’t wait for you to experience this for yourself!

Image #6: You & Your Partner
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Here are the same Image Instructions in written form, for your convenience:

First, you want to focus on strengthening your access to your True Resources, simply by watching your images repeatedly and not controlling them. After that, each image or recording will add to that connection once you press play and participate as if you are there with us. And, through the beauty of co-consciousness and watching another’s image, you WILL experience Eidetics!

Image: You and Your Partner

See that you and your partner (business/intimate) are running in an open countryside in order to make money.

What is happening?

Are you together in the purpose?

What about support for you or initiative on your behalf?

Are they distracting you or supporting you in the purpose of making money?

Now introduce the idea of playfulness in your mind.

What do you see? What do you feel?

Is the motivation for making money lost? If you are not sure, ask in the image.

Be sure to listen to the full explanation of this image on the recording, as it will really help you allow this image to work for you, to support you releasing places in you that hold back, are resentful, prevent you from allowing in support, and much, much, MUCH more.


Now, the partner also plays a role, either by supporting, or contributing – or by opposing or hindering. If you don’t have a permanent partner, look at someone you are dating or someone you know who could become a future partner or look at an ex-partner. Seeing an ex partner can give you information about the people you choose. And looking at a potential future partner can tell you what you might be in for.

Now see in your mind, your partner is running to make money.

See the partner running alone in order to make money.

What is happening?

Is that this person’s style about money?

What about support for you or initiative on your behalf?

© Akhter Ahsen, PhD. Please respect the integrity of his body of work and intellectual property.

Step 2: Supercharge Your Eidetic Work

  1. Spend 10 minutes or so a day using the specific instructions and watch your image – what do you see and feel? Even 90 seconds at a time can be powerful!
  2. Read and re-read the Mini-Manual so you will understand how to work with eidetic images (and with your conscious mind’s interference!)
  3. Listen to the recordings of the classes at least once a week and follow along. We are working with how your mind interferes with what you want, and by really being with the recordings, by pressing play and responding as if you are actually on the call with us, you’ll get more and more of the “how to”, which will help you so much.