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Because we are often “insistently blind” to the hidden ways we stop ourselves from having what we most want, this process is highly effective when working with an experienced Eidetic Mentor. This private, complimentary meeting (by phone) with Wendy Yellen is to explore how this unusual process, and working directly with Wendy, will support you moving through the obstacles you experience. If you didn’t come here for a life half-lived, then this meeting is for you!

NOTE: Wendy’s private clients look good on the outside, much is working for them, but it’s how they feel on the inside that makes them really READY to move NOW. Please do not apply for this Meeting with Wendy unless you truly feel ready to move forward. You don’t have to know how – but your desire will make all  the difference.

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For the more involved questions, its a good idea to first write your answers in a word processor file on your computer. We don’t want you to lose what you wrote in the online form should you experience a computer lockup or server glitch during the process of submitting your application.
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Application & Preparation Form for Your Transformation Acceleration Meeting

1. What is your motivation to meet with Wendy Yellen?*

2. Where are you on your personal spiritual path (however YOU define “spiritual”), and how important is this path to you?*

3. What’s not working for you right now — in your life, your business and your spiritual path?*

4. How does that affect your life, business/work, relationships and connection to something larger (if that is important to you)?*

5. What’s your biggest and most hurtful life obstacle right now?*

6. What needs to change in you in order to overcome that obstacle?*

7. How willing are you to move through your own obstacles?*

On a scale of 1-10, with 1=I’m collapsed inside and nothing ever changes and 10 = nothing will stop me

8. How strong is your desire to do what you came here to do?*

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 = a tiny bit willing but mostly terrified and 10 = desire so strong it wants to burst out of my skin

9. How open are you to new ways of perceiving your life?*

On a scale of 1-10, with 1=a tiny bit open but basically I can’t stay open for more than a few moments and 10 = nothing stops me to grow as a person and to grow in connecting with and following Guidance (from whatever Source you connect to)

10. In private coaching/mentoring or intensive personal growth programs in the past, what did NOT work for you?*

(If you have never worked with someone intensely before, please let us know why now is different.)

11. When you say no to an opportunity that you REALLY want, what is usually your “reason”? Money? Time? Spouse? Timing?*

12. How has that worked for you in terms of moving forward meaningfully in the past?*

13. I am someone who physically invests time*

I am someone who physically invests time and money into consistent expansion and growing mentally, spiritually, emotionally. [Note: not simply books or weekend retreats, but consistent, high level, REAL opportunities to challenge myself and grow.] How well does that statement fit you (1-10)? 1=I prefer books and tapes, 5= I really want to but it always seems like I never have enough time/money/resources to do it; 10= over and over I do this, it’s a core value of mine

14. Please let us know who referred you*

15.  Have you attended an Evening with Wendy, or other experiential event with Wendy where you had an eidetic experience that you remember and can write about here?*

If YES please let us know specifically:

a) What did you see?

b) What did you feel?

c) What about your eidetic experience is familiar, currently missing in your life or otherwise important to you in your life right now?

Important note: I am NOT asking you to analyze your image or give meaning to what you saw. We’ll go over the unique significance and importance for you when we meet. For our meeting to be scheduled and for it to have any value for you, please answer this question fully.

If you answered NO to the above question, so that we both know how this deep and effective, unusual work resonates with you, please watch the video on www.MeAsIWanttoBe.com, where I walk you through an eidetic image experience.

Follow along with the experiential portion of the video for at least 5 minutes (more is MUCH better) and let us know specifically:

a) What did you see?

b) What did you feel?

c) What about your eidetic experience is familiar, currently missing in your life or otherwise important to you in your life right now?*

Once we receive and review your Application/Preparation Form for your Transformation Acceleration Meeting, my staff will contact you to schedule our meeting together. I’m SO looking forward to meeting with you!

Wendy Yellen