Discover a transformational tool that's been used by successful & spiritual people for decades. 

URGENT. You want a solution to the intense stress and overwhelm in your life, and a deep, different, and effective tool…NOW.


You're someone of heart and integrity. Someone who has built a life, career and perhaps a spiritual practice that matter to you. But, way too often, you feel distressingly overwhelmed, frazzled and disappointed.

You are ready to find a process and tool that is effective and makes a difference in your life, NOW. This is where Eidetics comes in.

Go beyond traditional 
therapy techniques.

You’ve probably tried counseling, therapy or self-help, but none of that has worked enough for you. You know you need a deeper, even more effective solution.

Eidetics is not like any other process you have ever tired. It will access parts of you that you have long forgotten, overlooked or maybe didn't even know were there in the first place.

A middle aged woman standing on a beach  looking into the horizon
A middle aged woman in her home smiling happily

Overcome the constant, overwhelming chatter in your mind.

From the time you wake up in the morning, until the time you go to sleep, there is frazzled chatter within your mind. It distracts you, makes you doubt yourself and causes you to disconnect from the people you love. 

Eidetics will help you cool your overheated mind so you can get back to the things that matter most.
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Incorporate the best parts of YOU back into your whole life.

You take pride in your passions -whether you practice yoga, meditation, create art or like to garden. You wish the peace you feel when you are doing the things you love would flow throughout your entire life.

The Eidetic process seamlessly and organically brings forward the best parts of you. Naturally.

“Working with Wendy will activate deep inner healing that translates into immediate outer progress.

I have worked with therapists, coaches, healers, and consultants, and my experience with Wendy ranks among the most effective and transformative."

Joanna Lindenbaum
Business Coach
Joanna Lindenbaum , Business Coach
Jenny Powers, Founder & CEO, Running with Heels

“Something inside me was awoken during our work together and it made my motivation stronger than my fears. I have Wendy Yellen to thank for that.”

Within a week after experiencing the transformational power of Eidetics through Wendy Yellen, Jenny applied for and was accepted to present a TEDx talk, something which had been on her bucket list for years.

Jenny Powers
Founder & CEO, Running With Heals

Experience what Eidetics can do for you.

Leading World Eidetic Expert

Wendy Yellen, Leading World Eidetic Expert
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Eidetics is a gorgeous, eye-opening, soul-shaking, change-accelerating process. 

You’re going to experience parts of your Self, even parts of your soul, that you have likely never accessed before, no matter how much personal work you've done.
Let's go!

You feel a painful disconnect between the person you are, and the person you want so badly to be.

I know that you think your beautiful, natural abilities may be gone forever. I want to show you that they're not.

I know this because I've been there myself. I'm Wendy Yellen, and although I'm trained in Clinical Social Work, Systems and Family Therapy, Emotional Release Bodywork training, and other extensive training from world-class mentors, I left all of that behind to focus on Eidetics. 

Why? Because it works. I’ve experienced first-hand the amazing power of this tool and for over 40 years I’ve been helping people experience that same expansion.

I’m eager to show you an immensely effective tool that will quickly and permanently release your full potential. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let’s connect so you can share your personal wants and desires and discover where this work can take you.

Overcome life-long obstacles, permanently.

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Unlock the power of Eidetics with a FREE experiential video that will access the places inside you that you thought were gone forever. Join Wendy Yellen as she guides you through this transformational experience.

“I am truly grateful for the pivotal role Wendy played in my life! I also really adore working with her personally, and the wisdom, safety and clarity she brings through her craft and integrity was a loving and symbolic harbor for my soul’s healing.”
~Amanda Fetterly, Sausalito, CA