Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eidetics?

An Eidetic Image, different from a visualization, is a unique-to-each-person mental image which evokes sensations and feelings and has multiple layers of meaning. Each person has hundreds if not thousands of Eidetic Images inside. They are formed at moments of trauma, great joy, and significant single or frequently occurring events. Eidetic Images have a mind of their own and when followed in a critically important sequence, they have the power to shift a person away from destructive habits and patterns and towards the original Self. They bypass the destructive interference of the conscious, so-called rational mind and allow creative solutions and experiences to flow from within us into the world. Results from Eidetic Imagery are obvious on the face and body of the person, and they form permanent, easy accessible changes shaped by what the individual wants to change in his or her life.

Eidetic Images were identified in the early 20th century as a distinct phenomenon by prominent psychologists. Akhter Ahsen Ph.D. later explored eidetic images for their therapeutic applications and became the father of Eidetic Imagery. His work was praised by renowned psychologists, scientists and authors including Karl Pribram PhD and Joseph Campbell.

The word “Eidetics” comes from the ancient Greeks, who so understood the power of these deep images from inside that they called them “gifts from the gods”.

Dr. Ahsen understood and wrote about the neuroplasticity of the mind through Eidetic Images in 1978, before the term neuroplasticity had become well-known.

How is Eidetics different from other forms of therapy/counselling?

Because of the unique way Eidetics works with the conscious mind, bypassing our resistance to ourselves, while producing permanent behavioral and internal shifts, it is very different from any other form of personal transformation work that I have encountered in more than 40 years of working with clients. The process itself uses a “Triple Code Model” developed by Dr. Ahsen, which prevents the conscious mind from reproducing “more of the same” in our life. Rather than understanding or “forgiving” or “trying to remember” to act a certain way, the person simply finds herself acting and feeling and being different in a way that delights her.

Is Eidetics the same as eidetic memory/photographic memory?

No, Eidetic Image therapy is not the same as eidetic memory.

Is Eidetics a kind of energy work?

Eidetics encompasses every part of our human existence, and works with the entire person – psychological, spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic – all of us. This process works on all of these levels, on all levels of what it means to be human.

What kind of situations can Eidetics help me with?

My clients look very good from the outside…but the inside is where they want to feel different.  Depression, loss, anxiety, trauma, abuse, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, procrastination – these are all situations we all find ourselves in and Eidetics is beautifully poised to shift these in a permanent way. Often entrepreneurs and creatives find me because they “know” what to do for their business, but they just can’t sustainably do it! Frequently a client wants one thing – like doing the things that their business needs to have more financial success. But through Eidetics, they often find their relationships, marriages, connection to parents (even if deceased) naturally give more pleasure and ease. One woman described it to me as “I’ve softened!”.

There are a lot of “positive side effects” with Eidetics. For example, one client said she and her husband were like ships passing in the night – for decades. We never “worked” on that specifically, and yet now he is precious to her and she loves feeling her heart so open to him and is cherishing the time they have together. These kind of positive side effects are quite common – because Eidetics works with how our mind interferes with what we want.

Is there any hard science behind Eidetics?

Eidetics is an evidence-based practical, deep method further developed by psychologist Dr. Akhter Ahsen, based on both ancient Greek understanding of the mind and 21st-century knowledge of neuropsychology and neuroplasticity. Dr Ahsen was writing about neuroplasticity with his treatment of his patients decades before it was understood by the wider community.

His work has been recognized and promoted for decades by prominent psychologists and thought leaders such as Joseph Campbell, Karl Pribram PhD, Theodore Barber PhD, Charles Tart PhD, Albert Bandura PhD, Aaron Beck, PhD and other great psychologists of the late 20th century.

The primary focus of Eidetics is to create lasting, observable and quantifiable change in a person’s business success, relationships, and sense of self and beingness in the world.

One of Wendy’s specialties is working with people who have a spiritual practice that is important to them yet there is a chasm between the peace and presence and expansion they experience during their practice and the rest of life. Eidetics is perfect for bridging that gap so that the spiritual practices (whatever they are for that person) can be allowed to infuse the rest of life.

Wendy is one of the few Certified Eidetic Practitioners around the world who was directly taught and mentored by Dr. Ahsen.

What does Eidetics do?

Eidetic Imagery gently but permanently moves you out of your own way, so you actually do the things you say you want to do. It works with the way the conscious, “rational” mind keeps a stranglehold on us, making us want to scream from the overcontrol of the way the conscious mind works.

Our conscious mind is designed to keep us safe by repeating what we already know, by regurgitating history, and so on. But the Eidetic mind works to actually resolve situations inside (and outside) of us in ways that bring us peace, expansion, pleasure and a connection to something Greater, if that is what we want.

Who is Wendy Yellen?

Leading world Eidetic expert, Wendy Yellen has been working for more than 40 years with people of heart and integrity who look good from the outside but are burning for more meaning, internal peace, more success, and a deeper connection to something Greater.

Wendy had a 100% full, 100% referrals, waiting list only private practice in psychotherapy in Houston, Texas, but she closed the practice completely because she no longer believed in any of the many traditional and non-traditional therapies in which she was certified after she discovered Eidetics.

To read more about Wendy, visit her About Page.

How can I talk to Wendy?

If you are burning to move forward in your life, if you “know” what to do but find that you really aren’t doing it, if you are ready willing and able to engage in a deep process now, please click here and fill out an Application Form for a complimentary “Transformation Acceleration Meeting”. Together you and Wendy will go over what you want, and how Eidetics, and working with Wendy, might help you get there in a real and powerful way. Wendy works with a small number of Private and Mastermind clients. She limits her work to people of heart and integrity who are burning to look, feel and be different inside and out, and want to see results. NOW.

Where does Wendy work?

Wendy works with clients all over the world; her practice is not location specific. Most of her work is by phone, while certain Private Level Programs include in-person Retreats and Private in-person Intensives. She calls Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA her home.

Can you give me some idea about cost?

Wendy works with her private clients in personalized programs and packages carefully designed to fit your unique needs.  When you meet with her for a complimentary Transformation Acceleration Meeting you and she will go over what you need and want and which Private Program works best for your concerns.  Wendy believes in deep, lasting, meaningful work and does not offer single stand-alone sessions.

Is this work covered by health insurance?

While Wendy’s work isn’t covered by insurance, many of her business clients are able to take tax deductions for their business. Of course, you’ll need to discuss this with your own tax advisor.

How long will it take to see results?

Wendy uses this unique tool of Eidetics because she knows you can expect to experience shifts from the first time you work with your Eidetic images.

As with any real and deep process, these powerful effects deepen and spread over time. Clients usually repeatedly access deep parts of themselves they didn’t even realize existed!

You should start to feel the effects of this Eidetic work right away.

And, Wendy, like her clients, continues to visit the generous banquet of her own unique Core Eidetic Images daily.

Over time, the effects become even more profound, including easier and even more consistent access to something Greater (whatever that is for you). Progressively deepening over time, an Eidetic Practice often shows up in life as a lightness of being and an opening of the heart and mind that delights you. Or being able to laugh again like a young child with a giggle in your step.

Where can I find more content on Wendy and this process?

To learn more about Wendy, head on over to the About Wendy page. And there is a lot of small, easy to digest thought-provoking content about Eidetics and the integration of Eidetics into your daily life on her blog: Eavesdrop on Eidetics.

If you are burning to move forward in your life, if you “know” what to do but find that you really aren’t doing it, if you are ready willing and able to engage in a deep process now, please click here.