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Too often, our spiritual practice is peaceful and centering, but our life feels stressed and overwhelming. If you’ve wished for an effective way to bridge the gap, this ancient art and 21st century neuroscience-based process shows you how.

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If you are reading this now, you already want and have a spiritual life – and it’s critically important to you.

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Having a spiritual practice, whether yoga, or meditating, or any other way that YOU connect to Source, is essential to you. But you don’t feel that peace, serenity or connection enough in your daily life. The two parts of you – spiritual self and daily self – feel too separate.

So many people who value their connection to Source/Universe (or whatever word you use) wish that the peace, the connection, the flow they feel in their practice would fill more of their daily life.

You know how it goes. You love, love, LOVE how you feel during your Practice. But once you are “off the mat” or back to daily living, old habits are hard to break and you find yourself responding with heat, anger, frustration or fear exactly when you wish you were coming from a “higher” place. Your desires and your life aren’t matching and this distresses you. A lot.

Perhaps you wish you were doing your personal spiritual practice more, but you just can’t find a way to be consistent with it. Yet, you know how much it helps you when you do. Sigh. One more day or week or month with so many missed days! So you re-set your intentions and try again. But you’ve been through this re-start so many times, it feels a bit futile.

You know there is more.

So how do you find a way to allow the effects of your Spiritual Practice to infuse the rest of your life – without going all too often to that agitated, hurried, rushing and stressed place?

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“With all the personal development offerings around, it’s easy to get a little jaded. This is heart and spirit based work. I know this sounds funny coming from someone as bottom line as I am, but it bypasses my needing to think about it. And it goes right to my heart.

This work opened me up so that I could ALLOW myself to say yes. Before I did the eidetics work, I considered myself successful. But I was anxious morning and night. I would wake up adrenalized, I would wake up ready to go to battle. I never knew what was going to be tossed at me.

I didn’t trust that I already had all the skills that I needed to deal with it. I was living in that anxiety and something that I really didn’t recognize as fear and scarcity.”

Pat SchulerPresident, Gemini Resources

I’m Wendy Yellen, Leading World Eidetic Expert.

Wendy Yellen
I’ve been supporting clients with deep inner transformation for more than 40 years. Many of my clients used to try to force themselves to “feel better” or settle for “insights” with other forms of therapy and personal development work. Most found that other modalities have gotten them to where they are now, and they appreciate that, but now they want MORE. This is where Eidetics comes in. 

It’s also where it came in for me.

I had a 100% full, 100% referral, waiting list only private practice in psychotherapy in Houston, Texas. But after almost 20 years I closed my practice completely because I no longer believed in any of the many traditional and non-traditional therapies in which I was certified. I refused to work with clients – even though those close to me begged me to reconsider, since it was so clearly “in my blood”.

But I wanted the depth of change for my clients that just didn’t seem possible.

Which is why when I first discovered Eidetics, I was beyond skeptical. So I completely ignored it and went on with my life.

When, “by accident” I RE-discovered Eidetics 20 years later,  now I was ready. I was suffering in my life, terrified about my business, disconnected from my husband, and pretty much ready to strangle my father. I was more miserable and more scared than I had ever been.

It was a knee jerk pattern – and I didn’t even realize how much I was doing it. And I certainly didn’t know how to stop.

Once I “got” the power of Eidetics for me, and my clients, I dove head first into the 3 year certification training. I could feel the Eidetic images gently taking me by the hand and moving me THROUGH my worst self-sabotage and blindness to self.

STOP returning to the jumpy, erratic, judgmental and all-consuming conscious mind and connect with something deeper.

“For 4 years I worked 7 days a week (not exaggerating!) without a break.

Four years of nothing—no meditation, very little friend time, certainly no vacations and constant exhausting chatter in my head that just didn’t go away.

Within a few months of working with Wendy, I naturally found myself doing 10 minutes of daily yoga, walking in the park and last summer I went to Greece for 3 weeks and India this year for another 3 weeks.

When a colleague saw me after a few years, she didn’t recognize me and when she realized it was me, she said I looked years younger! And last month my business increased by 88% from last year.

Liza FiorentinosBusiness Owner and Entrepreneur

Evidence-based, results driven work

Eidetic Imagery Therapy has been around since the early 1960’s and is evidence-based, results-driven work. My clients come to me for real change, and real results.

Eidetic Imagery is NOT about insight, NOT quick fixes that don’t address the underlying patterns, NOT superficial advice which you already know! My clients (and I) only care about REAL change and real results.

Maybe you practice yoga or meditation. Maybe you have a more traditional spiritual practice such as prayer or worship. Everyone has a different way of connecting to Something Greater. That way is unique to you and what makes your heart glad.

This work is not about which Spiritual Practice is yours. It’s about this:

After you walk out of your practice and into the real world, the stress, anxiety, and distractions flood back in. All of your great intentions get buried by daily life. It can feel so defeating and even impossible to shift!

With Eidetics you can actually discover how to bring the peaceful, sweet benefits of your spiritual practice into your daily life. Organically – so it comes from deep inside you.

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What is an Eidetic Image?

An Eidetic Image, completely different from a guided visualization, is a unique-to-each-person visual image which evokes sensations and feelings and has multiple layers of meaning.

Eidetic images were identified in the early 20th century as a distinct, scientific and observable phenomenon by prominent psychologists, scientists and thought leaders, including Joseph Cambell, Karl Pribram, PhD, and Ernest Hilgard PhD to name just a few.

Liza Fiorentinos, Eidetic Mastermind client, during her Private Intensive in Santa Fe, NM.

Liza Fiorentinos, Eidetic Mastermind client, during her Private Intensive in Santa Fe, NM.

Eidetic Images have a mind of their own and are followed in a critically important sequence. This sequence is different from memory or regurgitating history, and it “goes around” or “softens” the control of our habitual over-thinking mind. Instead of our repetitive thoughts holding us hostage, the process of looking at and feeling our unique Eidetic images opens a space for our deeper mind to emerge. Within that deeper mind are our natural resources and abilities which are always there, often buried by the “crust” of our history.

Instead of destructive patterns repeating inside of us, creating obstacles which seem insurmountable, our natural resources allow us to experience flexibility, confidence, possibilities, an open heart, more compassion for self and others, ability to follow through on our ideas rather than wait, and so much more.

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“We all start out as self-motivated… and then… life gets in the way. I have a business that I love, and I really wanted to reach even more people, and be much more financially successful. My intimate relationships were filled with me feeling less-than, feeling small and not worthy of anything better.

I found myself giving up on my dreams.

I knew I had so much to offer, but my feelings about myself wouldn’t let me move forward. I had big ideas, but it was really hard to make them real—even though I knew HOW to do it. I couldn’t “make” myself go after my dreams. It was so aggravating!

But during my first 14 days of the Eidetic Accelerated Change Challenge, I went from having to force myself out of my pajamas (and often failing) to consistently feeling awe, wonder, energy, and, oh so lovely and different for me—self acceptance! My energy and desire to be in my business created so much momentum and creativity for me—which I had never felt consistently before.

People are responding to my business offers—sometimes with lightning speed. I am speaking up and leading where before I wasn’t being me. I’m not getting overwhelmed.

And another part that I love—I don’t feel like I am hiding, I know I am doing what I need and want to do AND this also allows me to choose to rest rather than keep internally pushing. I feel full of wonder at life!”

Lauren HerreraEntrepreneur

If it doesn’t produce real change, it’s not worth doing

Because results from Eidetic Imagery are real and lasting, they create visible, observable changes on the face and body of the person.

Stress and pressure and inner judgments show on our face and bodies. You know how it looks when someone is so stressed – and how it feels to be with them – even and especially if that someone is you. Which is why when the inner tension eases, when the judgments aren’t running you ragged inside and out, you can see it – and feel it.

It’s not just the outer proof, but this level of softened resistance naturally opens channels of creativity, confidence, new ideas, abilities to follow through with less inner pressure, a bigger ability to feel love and connection and so much more.

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Yoga class with woman and men doing breath exercising with stretched arms.

The permanent changes open pathways for different thoughts, behaviors and feelings, very different from the historical patterns the person has followed until now.

They feel so natural and right that it’s common for someone to almost forget, from one week to the next, their previous week’s overwhelmingly critical concern because the resolution feels so normal and natural to them. This is possible only because it IS normal and natural to them – once the crust of history has been lifted.

Permanent change is possible. Learn more in my FREE Spiritual Manifesto.

“Working with Wendy will activate deep inner healing that translates into immediate outer progress. I have worked with therapists, coaches, healers, and consultants, and my experience with Wendy ranks among the most effective and transformative. After just two sessions with Wendy, my confidence level improved ten-fold, and I saw the results in my business right away: I raised my rates, powerfully called new prospects into my business, and attracted opportunities for big visibility.

Plus, I now feel so much more at ease and happy in my business and in my life.

Wendy’s intuitive, gentle and direct method is right on target, and will allow you to make huge leaps in whatever you are striving for in your life.”

Joanna LindenbaumBusiness Coach
Charlotte, NC

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