Success Stories

Pat Schuler

Pat Schuler

President, Gemini Resources

“With all the personal development offerings around, it’s easy to get a little jaded. This is heart and spirit based work. I know this sounds funny coming from someone as bottom line as I am, but it bypasses my needing to think about it. And it goes right to my heart. So I can feel. This work opened me up so that I could ALLOW myself to say yes. Before I did the eidetics work, I considered myself successful. But I was anxious morning and night. I would wake up adrenalized, I would wake up ready to go to battle. I never knew what was going to be tossed at me. I didn’t trust that I already had all the skills that I needed to deal with it. I was living in that anxiety and something that I really didn’t recognize as fear and scarcity. I thought I had done that work!”

Liza Fiorentinos

Liza Fiorentinos

Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Astoria, NY

“For 4 years I worked 7 days a week (not exaggerating!) without a break. Four years of nothing—no meditation, very little friend time, certainly no vacations and constant exhausting chatter in my head that just didn’t go away. Within a few months of working with Wendy, I naturally found myself doing 10 minutes of daily yoga, walking in the park and last summer I went to Greece for 3 weeks and India this year for another 3 weeks. When a colleague saw me after a few years, she didn’t recognize me and when she realized it was me, she said I looked years younger! And last month my business increased by 88% from last year.”

Jenny Powers

Jenny Powers

Creator of Running with Heels
THREE time host of Evening with Wendy in Manhattan

Manhattan, NY

Within a week after experiencing the transformational power of Eidetics through Wendy Yellen, Running with Heels founder Jenny Powers applied for and was accepted to present a TEDX talk,something which had been on her bucket list for years: “Something inside me was awoken during our work together and it made my motivation stronger than my fears and I have Wendy Yellen to thank for that.”

Christina Sarlo

Christina Sarlo


Kensington, MD

“Before, I was too frazzled to actually see my husband. He felt ignored, and I felt like I was numb. Now I can see him and find him so precious. Instead of collapsing in front of Facebook when I have free time, I’ve been able to use that time in a beautiful way, and enjoy every minute of it. My terrible back pain is no longer running me ragged and I need fewer massages and chiropractor appointments. Also, while my mother was dying, we healed our relationship, I lovingly cared for her, and while also taking care of myself, had my best business month ever!”

Bob Miner

Bob Miner
“Harmonica Bob”

Ashland, OR

“When I looked at the mountain of paperwork on my desk, I felt so overwhelmed that I got depressed. I couldn’t get started
on anything.
Then, Wendy coached me with Eidetic images. In less than 10 minutes, I went back to my desk, immediately moved the mountain and got right to work on what’s important to me. I’m having fun and feeling great about it. Thank you, Wendy. This stuff is hot!

Terry Armstrong

Terry Armstrong

Waynesboro, PA

“I didn’t know what was wrong. I didn’t know what was there that was holding me back. I just felt a low level uneasiness.

In my situation, I was settling for feeling nothing… rather than pain. I just had this general anxiety about…what am I doing? Where am I going? What’s wrong? Why can’t I get to a better feeling place?

Instead, I found how to laugh again, AND how to enjoy my personal relationship in a way that had not been accessible to me for 10 to 20 years. And that’s not what I was really even looking for. I didn’t even know it was out there for me. That’s what fell into place for me.”

Steve Step

Steven Step

Financial Planner

Encino, CA

“Before I worked with Wendy, my delaying of everything in my business was preventing me from taking advantage of opportunities and keeping me ranked 24th of 30 amongst my colleagues. Because of the work we are doing, I went from a 5% closing rate to 20%. Instead of ranking #24, I moved to the top 3 to 8! MY college-aged daughter told me how much calmer I am. And it made her feel so glad to know that I took her mother, my wife, out on date night—first time that had ever happened!

Lauren Herrera

Los Angeles, CA

“We all start out as self-motivated… and then… life gets in the way. I have a business that I love, and I really wanted to reach even more people, and be much more financially successful. My intimate relationships were filled with me feeling less-than, feeling small and not worthy of anything better. I found myself giving up on my dreams. I knew I had so much to offer, but my feelings about myself wouldn’t let me move forward. I had big ideas, but it was really hard to make them real—even though I knew HOW to do it. I couldn’t “make” myself go after my dreams. It was so aggravating! But during my first 14 days of the Accelerated Change Challenge, I went from having to force myself out of my pajamas (and often failing) to consistently feeling awe, wonder, energy, and, oh so lovely and different for me—self acceptance! My energy and desire to be in my business created so much momentum and creativity for me—which I had never felt consistently before.

People are responding to my business offers—sometimes with lightning speed. I am speaking up and leading where before I wasn’t
being me. I’m not getting overwhelmed. And another part that I love—I don’t feel like I am hiding, I know I am doing what I need
and want to do AND this also allows me to choose to rest rather than keep internally pushing. I feel full of wonder at life!”

Johanna Lindenbaum

Joanna Lindenbaum

Business Coach

Charlotte, NC

“Working with Wendy will activate deep inner healing that translates into immediate outer progress.

I have worked with therapists, coaches, healers, and consultants, and my experience with Wendy ranks among the most effective and transformative. After just two sessions with Wendy, my confidence level improved tenfold, and I saw the results in my business right away: I raised my rates, powerfully called new prospects into my business, and attracted opportunities for big visibility.

Akhter Ahsen PhD

Akhter Ahsen PhD

What Dr. Akhter Ahsen, father of Eidetic Imagery, has to say about Wendy Yellen:

Wendy Yellen has a gift for deep and empathic listening, allowing her to work with the eidetic images of her clients in ways which greatly facilitate their growth.”

Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell

Here’s how Joseph Campbell, who coined “Follow your bliss”, described Eidetic Imagery:

“The work (eidetics) has the quality of revelation and should be read by all.”