Christina Sarlo
Kensington, Maryland

“I find myself getting more done in an hour these days – it really surprises me! And I’m wasting so much less time. Another unexpected result is that I have much less physical pain and illness. Yay! I need fewer massages, fewer chiropractor appointments.

I had a 2 foot crust around me – people told me but I couldn’t even feel it. I wonder if I even let my husband in. The crust is way thinner now, I can see it now and I feel I have the choice to let people in. I let my husband in. I let him see me now. And I can see him.I find myself naturally getting organized. (OMG). Naturally making choices that serve my highest goals. My income continues to increase and my stress levels are more manageable. I’m more clear in who I want to work with, what my schedule looks like, and I’m even getting glimpses of vistas I’ve never thought possible.

Somehow, amidst the noise and clamor of all the new age philosophy, Wendy’s quiet voice speaks to the heart and soul. I’m doing the things I actually want to instead of living in a pipe dream. Manana. At 61 you start wondering when the hell is manana – how many days do I have left!

Before I would dread seeing clients, let them take too much of my time, and I would NOT feel in control. I was not being successful, not helping them really, and sadly it made me not look forward to work. I felt heavy and slow. Now – work is quick and light. The shackles around my arms and legs slowly and gently released. Life is much easier.”


Jenny Powers
Manhattan, NY · creator of Running with Heels
THREE time host of Evening with Wendy in Manhattan

“Within a week after experiencing the transformational power of Eidetics through Wendy Yellen, Running with Heels founder Jenny Powers applied for and was accepted to present a TEDX talk, something which had been on her bucket list for years.

Something inside me was awoken during our work together and it made my motivation stronger than my fears and I have Wendy Yellen to thank for that”.


Pat Schuler
President Gemini Resources

“With all the personal development offerings around, it’s easy to get a little jaded. I knew I had to take my business in a new direction. I couldn’t get the traction I needed in this specific area. What I discovered with the Eidetics work was that there were some places…this is still really emotional for me…there were some places in my spirit and my heart that I needed to heal first before I had the courage and the trust to take my business in a completely new direction.

I’m a real bottom line person. A lot of us in personal development — there’s a line we walk between results and knowing that we need to move in spirit, and move in heart.What I discovered — I may be the only person on the call who has trouble trusting — but that was what was in the way. I’ve been working on trust for 30 years — trusting the Universe, a higher power, whatever you want to identify that as, as well as trusting myself. It was only through the eidetics work that I finally found a tool that helped me not hope…but KNOW that I was in a loving Universe, and that it was safe, for the first time, to trust.

Before I did the eidetics work, I considered myself successful. But I was anxious morning and night. I would wake up adrenalized, I would wake up ready to go to battle. That’s what it felt like because I never knew what was going to be tossed at me. I didn’t trust that I already had all the skills that I needed to deal with it. I was living in that anxiety and something that I really didn’t recognize as fear and scarcity. I thought I had done that work!

The thing that I think makes eidetic work so special…. It bypasses all the intellect. Its heart and spirit based work. I know this sounds funny coming from someone as bottom line as I am, but it bypasses my needing to think about it. And it goes right to my heart. So I can feel. This work opened me up so that I could receive, so that I could ALLOW myself to say yes.

I was stuck on the work that I needed to do to change my business. And literally within 48 hours of when Wendy Yellen and I started to do this work, people started coming to me to say, “What are you doing and can I help?” Now, they MAY have been coming for the last 20 years! I may not have been able to hear them or see them because I wasn’t open. I wasn’t ready to let myself be vulnerable enough to not only ask for help but to allow myself to accept help that was gladly given. I don’t think I have the words to convey the breadth and depth and the meaty juiciness of what this work brings to you.”


Bob Miner
Ashland, Oregon
“Harmonica Bob”

“When I looked at the mountain of paperwork on my desk, I felt so overwhelmed that I got depressed. I couldn’t get started on anything. Then, Wendy Yellen coached me with Eidetic images.

In less than 10 minutes, I went back to my desk, immediately moved the mountain and got right to work on what’s important to me. I’m having fun and feeling great about it. Thank you, Wendy. This stuff is hot!


Steve Step
Encino, California
Financial Planner

“I’m more clear, direct and focused and there is a direct increase in my bottom line because of it.

In fact, I’ve tripled my income in the two years I’ve been consistently working with Wendy privately. There were a lot of little negative things in my business that made my life a lot more difficult, including more call reluctance than I would like to admit, and procrastinating for years on getting office help.

Now I easily call my clients, which often immediately results in much more business. My new assistant instantly boosted my efficiency so I can concentrate on my genius instead of wasting so much time.

The biggest shift: I say yes much faster now, and that has catapulted me into a best selling book, opened new avenues for my business, and increased my business by 300% over two years.


Joanna Lindenbaum
Charlotte, North Carolina
Business Coach

“Working with Wendy will activate deep inner healing that translates into immediate outer progress.

I have worked with therapists, coaches, healers, and consultants, and my experience with Wendy ranks among the most effective and transformative. After just two sessions with Wendy, my confidence level improved ten-fold, and I saw the results in my business right away: I raised my rates, powerfully called new prospects into my business, and attracted opportunities for big visibility.

Plus, I now feel so much more at ease and happy in my business and in my life.

Wendy’s intuitive, gentle and direct coaching is right on target, and will allow you to make huge leaps in whatever you are striving for in your life.

Colleen McGunnigle
Long Island, NY

“Wendy Yellen has an innate ability to meet you where you are at. It’s really a gift. A number of times I’ve felt ties that had bound me in a particular area unravel effortlessly during an Eidetics session with Wendy. More importantly, I continue to feel the effects in that area long after the session is over.

Some of these involve issues I had struggled with for YEARS. During her sessions, Wendy’s compassion comes through in her voice. She has a special gift of loving and intuitive guidance and anyone who has the opportunity to work with her should consider themselves lucky. After our session I just naturally went and accomplished a task which used to feel heavy. The funny thing is, it wasn’t intentional. I didn’t even think about it until after I was finished when I thought, ‘Hey! Look at what you just did!’ I realized that this was the energy we had gotten into on the call … the energy of doing effortlessly. How beautiful!”

Tim Austin
Troy, MI
President, NACFA

“The biggest benefit I got from working with Wendy Yellen was nothing that I expected going in. Instead of feeling stress, I now feel completely calm in almost any situation! No more panic of any kind! In fact, I usually have a big smile on my face instead –and it’s completely real.”


Akhter Ahsen, PhD

What Dr. Akhter Ahsen, father of Eidetic Imagery, has to say about Wendy Yellen:

Wendy Yellen has a gift for deep and empathic listening, allowing her to work with the eidetic images of her clients in ways which greatly facilitate their growth.”


Joseph Campbell

Here’s how Joseph Campbell, who coined “Follow your bliss”, described Eidetic Imagery:

“The work (eidetics) has the quality of revelation and should be read by all.”

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