You are Invited to Apply for a Complimentary Transformation Acceleration Meeting

Directly with Leading World Eidetic Expert Wendy Yellen

This is for YOU if you are ready to get off the aggravating merry-go-round of enormous stress and monkey mind chatter. NOW.

You feel stress and pressure in your life and often say to yourself, ‘there just must be an easier way

You yearn to release false and energy draining “solutions” such as over-thinking, over-doing and overwhelm

You’re tired of superficial solutions and pat answers that don’t get to the core

Follow These 5 Steps

to apply for a confidential Transformation Acceleration Meeting

Step 1:

Watch this video and use your experience to complete your Application Form. Be sure to describe what you SEE and FEEL in the last question on your Preparation Form.

(No charge, my gift to you!)

Step 2:

You can either 1) fill out and submit your application online OR 2) download the application and complete it on your computer and submit it via email.

Step 3:

Submit. Once you’ve watched the video and completed your online Application, be sure to click Submit. OR, if you’ve downloaded the application, be sure to email it to Wendy at Once your application is received, it will be personally reviewed by Wendy.

Step 4:

Watch! Keep your eyes on your email inbox (and spam folder) for your Acceptance Invitation.

Step 5:

Respond to your Acceptance Invitation and let us know a time that would be good for you to connect. We’ll get you scheduled for your confidential Transformation Acceleration Meeting with Wendy. From start to finish, this is a gorgeous, eye-opening, soul shaking, change accelerating process so be sure to give yourself the time and space to complete it.

Praise for Wendy and eidetics

Jenny Powers

Creator, Running with Heels,
Manhattan Networking for Women

“Something inside me was awoken during our work together and it made my motivation stronger than my fears and I have Wendy Yellen to thank for that.”

Within a week after experiencing the transformational power of Eidetics through Wendy Yellen, Running with Heels founder Jenny Powers applied for and was accepted to present a TEDX talk, something which had been on her bucket list for years.