this answer stops everything

this answer stops everything

Artists create …but not from logic. And not from convention. They know things in their artist mind which, when they give it to us, can break us open to deeper truths. This allows art to evoke something in us which then also feeds us.

Recently I was mesmerized at the Santa Fe Wheelwright Museum Exhibit of Rose B. Simpson, who is descended from the Santa Clara Pueblo. In addition to her strong, powerful, evocative and moving art, I caught this writing of hers which I wanted to share with you:


36 year-old Rose says, when she “thinks she knows the answer to something, she stops growing: So… the answer ends creation.”


It’s the answer itself which ends creation.


In Eidetics, too, when you start with knowing the answer already, creation stops.


When you begin in your conscious, so called “rational mind”, you can only get what you’ve already got – because you’ve been there so many times before. There is nothing new in that part of the mind. When you start with an Eidetic image, though, you begin with creation. Because you tap into the part of your mind that isn’t strangled by convention. And that part is very, very wise.


Would you like to experience just a tiny bit of how that part of you works? To allow in some of the creation inside you that isn’t yet bullied by over-rational logic and conventional “knowing”? You can join in as I walk Kristen Maxwell, the host of Your Superpowered Mindpodcast, through an Eidetic experience. 

If you’ve ever struggled with letting a loved one grow and go through tough spots without taking on their sadness and challenges, this is for you! Listen in as she ends her eidetic process in a very different place. You can experience it right along with her, including her surprise at where she goes!



Wendy Yellen

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Wendy Yellen

Wendy Yellen, the creator of, uses the ancient art yet 21st-century science process of Eidetic Imagery to uncover and release your TRUE resources and abilities. Her passion is helping people of heart and integrity get to their next level- in a profound, real, lasting and deeply transformational way.