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Hi, I’m Wendy Yellen.

And I closed a very successful private practice in psychotherapy because I knew there had to be something more to real change and I wasn’t willing to continue until I found it. When I rediscovered this deeply moving tool of Eidetics, I realized this process creates the kind of change I personally want for myself and my clients. I let go of all the multiple certifications I had earned and jumped back in to working with clients.

For over 40 years, it’s been a privilege to help thousands of people to overcome their obstacles so they can live the life they want with all their heart – even though they may secretly (and sadly) believe it’s no longer possible.

Now, I want to help YOU expand your connection to yourself, your heart and to something Greater. And…the best part? We work together to do this in your own unique way, through the power of Eidetics.

Wendy Yellen

The Art of Transformation

Join me each month on The Art of Transformation, a vlog series that will help open up your mind and access deep parts of your self you feared were gone forever.

You Didn’t Come Here For A Life Half Lived

Using the ancient art yet 21st century science of Eidetics, we’ll go way beyond what your conscious mind comprehends. Instead, you’ll experience a kind and gentle opening to your deeper, wiser consciousness. From there, we go beneath the crust of your personal history. Using neuroscientific understandings of the mind, in a way unlike any other transformational system that I know of, we’ll remove the historical and personal blocks that are stopping you from actually living the precious life you have.

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This unique, evidence-based, ancient art and 21st-century neuroscience powerfully opens your deep consciousness – experience it for yourself!

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Get a taste of what’s possible for you (no matter how much personal
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Let’s talk in a private, one-on-one conversation about where this process can take you. There is no obligation and it is completely free! If you are burning for a change in your life…we can have a truly life-changing conversation.

What is Eidetics?

Eidetics is a unique, deep and lasting inner transformational process that leads to observable, evidence-based changes which are obvious in your life, work and relationships, visible on your face and body and palpable both to you and to others.

Eidetics is a highly practical, results-driven process grounded in 21st century neuroscience, psychology, traditional and nontraditional psychotherapies, meditation and other spiritual practices.

Eidetic Image Therapy goes beyond traditional forms of psychotherapy because of the unique way it works with the mind, and our mind’s resistance to what we say we want.

Eidetic Imagery is completely different from visualization. Instead, Eidetic images are already in the mind which are unique to each person, formed at moments of trauma, or of connection, or of life-altering importance to us. As we watch them, we feel sensations and feelings and there are layers of meaning. Eidetic images contain and connect us to our “Original Self” – the Self without our history.

They contain and connect us to our true possibilities and resources. Eidetic images contain solutions from deep within the self  which are not accessible through the conscious, “rational” mind. These solutions are very different from traditional “advice” and take us to a much wiser place inside us.

These images are NOT metaphors or “ideas” about what we “should” do. They literally take us by the hand and lead us to being who we really are, even if we might be kicking and screaming against what we say we really want! The organic result is that you simply find yourself naturally doing what you’ve wished you were doing all along. Or you suddenly and happily notice yourself actually feeling loving towards your partner instead of trying to change them! Or you discover a natural confidence and ease that you thought you had lost forever.

All of the results come emanating from you, unbidden, uncontrolled, simply arising from you as easily as a sweet laugh comes from a young child. Because it’s that real. And that natural.

Praise For Leading World Eidetic Expert,
Wendy Yellen

For 4 years I worked 7 days a week (not exaggerating!) without a break. Four years of nothing – no meditation, very little friend time, certainly no vacations and constant exhausting chatter in my head that just didn’t go away. Within a few months of working with Wendy, I naturally found myself doing 10 minutes of daily yoga, walking in the park and last summer I went to Greece for 3 weeks and India this year for another 3 weeks. When a colleague saw me after a few years, she didn’t recognize me and when she realized it was me, she said I looked years younger! And last month my business increased by 88% from last year.

Liza FiorentinosBusiness Owner and Entrepreneur

Before I did the Eidetics work, I considered myself successful. But I was anxious morning and night. I would wake up adrenalized, I would wake up ready to go to battle. It was only through the Eidetics work that I finally found a tool that helped me know that I was safe, for the first time, to trust.

Pat SchulerPresident Gemini Resources

The mountain of paperwork on my desk felt so overwhelming that I got depressed. I couldn’t start. After 10 minutes with Wendy, I immediately moved the mountain and got right to work on what’s important to me.I’m having fun and feeling great about it. This stuff is hot!

Bob MinerBusiness Owner
Wendy Yellen

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